Actor Park Seo Joon Clarifies Misunderstanding Over ‘Rude Headband Incident’ With Actress Park Bo Young

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Actor Park Seo Joon Addresses Headband Controversy


Recently, actor Park Seo Joon received backlash for refusing to wear a hairband that actress Park Bo Young offered him. Netizens claimed that he was being rude and inconsiderate, while others defended him.

The Headband Incident

During a movie screening for Concrete Utopia, a fan handed Park Bo Young headbands, and she offered one to Park Seo Joon. He rejected it, signaling to his hair. Netizens criticized him for not even holding the headband.

  • Netizens claimed Park Seo Joon was rude and inconsiderate
  • Others defended him, stating the criticism was unnecessary

The Fan Speaks Out

Amid the controversy, a netizen claiming to be the fan who provided the headbands spoke out in defense of Park Seo Joon. They asked netizens to stop making a big deal out of the incident.

Park Seo Joon’s Explanation

Addressing the controversy, Park Seo Joon apologized to his fans who might have been offended. He explained that the reason he didn’t accept the headband was not because he had hairspray in his hair, but because his chosen hairstyle made his hair unmovable.

  • He sweats a lot during stage greetings and opted for an updo
  • He had sprayed a lot of hairspray in the morning to keep his hair in place
  • He didn’t put anything in his hair to avoid scalp pain

Park Seo Joon also addressed comments suggesting that Park Bo Young must have felt embarrassed with the headband in her hair. He clarified that the headband was a gift for her from her own fan, and he didn’t consider it his own to wear.

Towards Resolution

Park Seo Joon shared that Park Bo Young expressed her apologies and he told her not to feel sorry and to continue with their remaining schedules together. He also apologized for other fan controversies, including an unwanted hug and unwillingness to do a face heart.

Appreciating Fans

Park Seo Joon thanked his fans and reassured them that because of their support, he is “not afraid of anything.” He ended the apology by advising fans to take care of themselves and expressing his love for them.


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