Dr Chandraprakash Dwivedi on Akshay Kumar’s Indian citizenship: A Dedicated Patriot Who Stands for National Causes

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Akshay Kumar Gives up Canadian Citizenship and Embraces Indian Citizenship

Akshay Kumar celebrates India’s 77th Independence Day

On the occasion of India’s 77th Independence Day, Akshay Kumar shared with his fans that he has officially given up his Canadian citizenship and embraced Indian citizenship. He also shared a picture of his citizenship document on social media.

Dr Chandraprakash Dwivedi supports Akshay Kumar

Reacting to the news, actor Dr Chandraprakash Dwivedi told ETimes, “Whenever a person of Indian origin gets a prize, we celebrate it.

Notable achievements of Indian origin

  • Amartya Sen and Mr. Banerjee
  • Rishi Sunak becoming the prime minister of the UK
  • Vice President of the US, Kamala Harris

Disparity in treatment

Dr Chandraprakash Dwivedi highlights the unequal treatment received by Akshay Kumar compared to other actors. While some hold foreign passports without condemnation, Akshay Kumar was targeted due to his nationalist attitude and support for national causes.

Trolling and condemnation

The actor shares his observations on the trolling and condemnation faced by Akshay Kumar. Despite working together on several projects and his active participation in national causes, people have criticized him unjustly. The negativity arises due to his status as a national hero.


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