Fans express disappointment as Sara Ali Khan’s expression on magazine cover sparks controversy

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Millennial Beauty Sara Ali Khan Becomes the Face of a Magazine Cover

Millennial beauty Sara Ali Khan becomes the face of a magazine cover

Fans appreciate Sara’s beauty, but face criticism too

Millennial beauty Sara Ali Khan recently became the face of a magazine cover where she flaunted her glamorous avatar in a green satin saree. Fans poured their hearts out for Sara’s beauty, but there was a section who trolled her for the lifeless expressions.

Reddit users express their thoughts on the magazine cover

  • One Reddit user wrote, “Madame Sara on Vogue India cover. What in the Taal poster is this?”
  • Another user reacted, “Photographer – You can’t overact in a still photo. Sara – Hold my perpetually open mouth.”
  • One commenter expressed, “Photoshopped skin is the worst invention ever, everything is airbrushed to the T. I won’t be surprised if this is an AI-generated image. Airbrushed and color corrected everything, I hate this era so so much.”
  • Another wrote, “Out of context, but why do they blur the underarm texture!!! Do these actors seriously not have pigmentation in their underarms or is the pigmentation edited? Pigmentation nahi shi par the texture is always there, they can do so much better. Young girls will look at this poster and think something is wrong with their underarms for merely having hair and discoloration.”
  • Another commenter pointed out, “Her face looks beautiful. The weird pose is drawing all the attention to her armpits. It is the fault of the shot director.”
  • One user criticized, “Her expressions are always lifeless and look too fake.”
  • Another commenter humorously added, “Airbrushed armpits..!”

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