Kusha Kapila’s viral note on ‘grief’ post separation with Zorawar Ahluwalia evokes powerful response from Masaba Gupta, Dia Mirza and Rakhi Sawant

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Kusha Kapila’s Separation from Zorawar Ahluwalia

Kusha Kapila has been in the headlines ever since she announced her separation from her husband Zorawar Ahluwalia. The actress even shared an Instagram story saying ‘This topic is officially over for me’ and also talked about people trolling her for allegedly leaving Zorawar after tasting success.

Kusha’s Reflection on Separation

Kusha has once again shared a post on her social media about the ‘grief’ of separation and how the thought of ‘what if it never leaves me’ bothers her. Her note read, ‘It’s a weird thing, this grief or whatever version of it I am currently experiencing. As overcome I am by its heaviness – I guess chest days feel like this – I am also strangely dwarfed by it, to the point of feeling like an injured nail on a pinky toe. Almost like a big bang in motion, only it’s on a microscope slide. Are we exclusive? Is this a forever thing? Will we grow to like each other or will we co-exist like cordial roommates till our rent agreement expires. No renewal for me, please.’

The Impact of Grief on Kusha’s Life

Kusha says that she now feels that her ‘grief’ has ‘changed’ a few things about her. She added, ‘It has irreversibly changed the way I look, eat, talk, and exist. I feel like a version of myself, quite similar but not quite the same… No new things for my old grief. Familiarity is comforting. It’s my chicken soup. New is scary, almost paralyzing.’

The Unpredictability of Grief

Kusha added that nothing ‘can prepare you for grief’ and finished her note by saying, ‘Yours truly thought she had evaded most stages, maybe even grief altogether (obviously, stage one, denial). And then it hits you, like a big bang but on a microscopic slide. You watch all of it happen. After all, you are behind the lens. It’s your eye on it.’

Reactions from Celebrities

Her note attracted reactions from Dia Mirza, Athiya Shetty, Rakhi Sawant, and many other celebrities. Masaba even posted a comment saying, ‘It gets better K. It really does. Been there done that.’

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