Pooja Bhatt Addresses Rumours of Phone Controversy and Bias in Bigg Boss OTT 2: ‘It’s Bullsh**’

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Exclusive – Bigg Boss OTT 2 finalist Pooja Bhatt on rumours of having a phone inside and show being biased towards her: It’s bullsh**

Bigg Boss was an emotional marathon

It is quite intimidating to see so many people but it is a great sense of victory having completed this 8 weeks. It was an emotional marathon. The preconceived notions that people have about Bigg Boss that if you go there you get humiliated, you get into fights and you got to be aggressive, brash, rude, all these are just myths. The game is a very dignified game, the show is not encouraging you to fight. But people come with their preconceived notions that to stand out you need to be loud or brash. I learnt the only way to go through in the show is to be real. Accha Mat Bano saccha bano. It is very easy to say than to do. Logon ke nazar mein saccha Woh hota hai jisne Saamne waalon ki Dhajiyaa udaa Di… sacchayi for me means meet each other with love and grace. If you use truth like a weapon then it is worse than a lie.

  • I went inside Bigg Boss with an open heart and I’ve come outside with an overflowing heart
  • I had told Bebika in week two that the day I go out of the house, I want you to be the last person I want to say bye to.
  • Elvish has taken the crown, Bebika is in the top 5 and so was this 51 year old.

On Salman Khan calling Bigg Boss OTT 2, the Pooja Bhatt show – I want to thank him for the very generous statement

I was very humbled and very grateful. It meant a lot to me. When I was leaving the house, a video of her family was played. Bhatt Sahab mentioned I’m proud of you but when Bigg Boss said he is also proud of me, for me that was like taking a trophy or two home. He mentioned that I played the game with integrity and we are living in a world where people are forgetting about morals, humanity, integrity. We need humanity in this world and we have shown through this shown that love, decency and dignity can win. I want to thank Salman for the very generous statement.

Pooja Bhatt on rumours of having a phone inside and show being biased towards her

It’s bullsh** pardon my French (laughs). Phone which phone and where did it come from. It was a joke between Elvish and me. He would tease me that I often go to washroom because I have a satellite phone inside and I’m the one playing the morning song. It was a joke between us. Bigg Boss has been a social media detox for me. I haven’t seen my phone yet as I’ve been busy giving interviews. I belong to an era when we did not have mobile phones yet we reached the sets on time, phir bhi Humare Rishtey chalte the. I told Manisha Rani this flirting game is not new. We have flirted a lot and those who talk a lot about flirting don’t flirt. The fact that Elvish won the show and Bebika and I were in top 5, makes me believe that Bigg Boss is a very fair show and it is not at all scripted.

On Elvish lifting the trophy and Abhishek becoming the runner-up

I supported Abhishek Malhan very genuinely in the game. When I gave him the green apple also I told him I want to see the trophy in his hands but I want him to become capable of the trophy. Because for me when I look at the former winners like Gauahar Khan, Vindu Dara Singh or Rahul Roy, they were very dignified contestants. Bigg Boss is not a game of chalaki, strategy, manipulation. The past winners have not won the show on the basis of these elements. Whenever they played using their hearts and accepted their mistakes and moved ahead then they won the show. I was very disappointed that these youngsters who are going to lead the country and our future, how do they have so much entitlement. Where do they get it from?

We were idiots but we had open hearts and we still don’t consider that we have achieved a lot

I asked Salman we also went through this phase and we made several mistakes. We fell and got ourselves back on track. We were idiots but we had open hearts and we still don’t consider that we have achieved a lot. I went inside the house like a newcomer. Bigg Boss gave me Sunny Leone in 2012 and in 2023 Mujhe mere Dil ke andar jhakne ka Mauka diya…

When Manisha hugs other contestants and asks for kisses then nobody has a problem

When Manisha hugs other contestants and asks for kisses then nobody has a problem. I think people forget duniya hum Waise he dekhte hain jaise hum hote hain… duniya hum Waise nahi dekhte jaise duniya hai actually. If people actually think like this good luck to them. I don’t think Mahesh Bhatt or I need to clarify or dignify this. He hugged, kissed Abhishek also, in fact, he spent the least amount of time with me. He told Jad that he’s the most beautiful man. Manjsha Rani’s fans are getting a little hyper… but what do they have to say when she makes lives of other females a little difficult (laughs).

Are you open for Bigg Boss 17?

I don’t know I haven’t switched on my phone yet. I’ll go home to my four cats. Main ghar jaake thodi khamoshi ke saath apne journey ko process karungi. But I never say never in my life. So let’s see.


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