Rahul Mahajan Addresses Rumors of Divorce from Natalya Ilina: An Exclusive Insight into Their Relationship

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Television personality and late politician Pramod Mahajan’s son Rahul Mahajan and wife Natalya Ilina have reportedly split. As per a new report by The Times of India, the couple had compatibility issues since the beginning of their marriage, which was held in 2018. They parted ways last year, as per the report, and have filed for divorce. Rahul, who was seen as a contestant on Bigg Boss 2, has neither denied nor confirmed the divorce.

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Rahul Mahajan and Natalya’s Relationship

Natalya was Rahul’s third wife. He was earlier married to Dimpy Ganguly (2010-2015) and Shweta Singh (2006-2008), both of whom had accused him of domestic violence.

Rahul and Natalya tied the knot in 2018. While Rahul was 43 when they married, Natalya was 25. In 2020, Rahul had revealed that Natalya had converted to Hinduism after their marriage.

Rahul and Natalya’s Divorce

“Compatibility issues were there between the two since the beginning. However, they stretched their marriage as long as they could. They parted ways last year and have filed for divorce,” a source told The Times of India about Rahul and Natalya’s relationship.

The report added that the former couple filed the paperwork last year, but it was not confirmed whether the divorce has been finalized or it’s still underway.

Rahul Mahajan on Divorce

Rahul said in the same report, “I want to keep my private life private. I would not like to comment on anything. I do not discuss what’s happening in my personal life even with my friends… By the way, I’m doing well.”

It was reported that after his third divorce, Rahul ‘was absolutely shattered’. One of his close friends, who was not named, had told the same portal that he was slowly ‘getting back to life’ after being in a ‘not great state last year’.

His friend had also said that Rahul was ‘hoping to find love’ again and has decided to not talk about his personal life due to his past experiences.


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