Rana Daggubati Extends Apology to Sonam Kapoor Following Controversial Remark – A Sincere Gesture Amidst Speculations

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Rana’s apology

Rana Daggubati shared a tweet and apologised to Sonam Kapoor for his recent comment.

What Rana actually said

At a pre-release event for King of Kotha, Rana mentioned an incident involving Dulquer Salman and a Bollywood heroine.

The Incident

  • Rana explained how Dulquer remained patient and understanding despite disruptions caused by the Bollywood heroine.
  • The heroine’s lack of focus affected the shots’ quality, frustrating those on set.
  • Rana confronted the film’s producers about the situation.

Rana’s Apology

  • Rana clarified his comments and apologized to Sonam and Dulquer.
  • He expressed regret that his words were misinterpreted and meant entirely in a light-hearted manner.
  • Rana expressed his deep respect for Sonam and Dulquer and hoped the clarification would end any speculation and misunderstanding.

The Zoya Factor and Upcoming Projects

The Zoya Factor was released in 2019 and received mixed reviews. Sonam Kapoor was last seen in the film Blind, while Dulquer Salman will appear next in Guns and Gulabs and King of Kotha. Rana Daggubati will produce the multi-lingual film Kaantha alongside Dulquer.


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