“Saira Banu ने बताया Dilip Kumar- Sunil Dutt की मित्रता के बारे में; ‘दिलीप साहब ने इंकार कर दिया Nargis के बेटे की भूमिका से, बाद में सुनील जी ने निभाई'” | हिंदी मूवी न्यूज़

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Saira Banu Shares Heartwarming Anecdote about Dilip Kumar and Sunil Dutt’s Friendship

Dilip Sahib and Dutt Sahab: Not Just Neighbors but Dearest Friends

Saira Banu, the veteran actress, has been delighting fans on social media with her heartfelt anecdotes about Dilip Kumar. She recently took to Instagram to share a picture of Dilip Kumar along with Sunil Dutt, shedding light on the friendship they shared.

A Great Friend and Caring Icon

  • Dilip Kumar was known for his lovable and caring nature.
  • Only a few people knew that he was also a great friend.
  • Sunil Dutt was one of the closest friends of Dilip Kumar.

Always There for the Film Fraternity

Their friendship extended beyond their roles as neighbors. Dilip Sahib and Dutt Sahab were always there to support the film fraternity.

  • They would burn the midnight lamp together to find solutions for industry-related matters.
  • Regardless of the time, they would travel to and from Delhi or help victims of civil riots in Mumbai.

A Heartwarming Incident: Sunil Dutt’s Gesture

Saira Banu shared a heartwarming incident that showcased the camaraderie between Dilip Kumar and Sunil Dutt.

  • Sunil Dutt often walked to Dilip Kumar’s house with his favorite dal, which was a must for him in every meal.
  • Even after surviving an air-crash, Sunil Dutt hobbled across with a walking stick to wish Dilip Sahib Eid Mubarak.
  • Sunil Dutt’s unwavering friendship and dedication were remarkable.

Supporting Each Other’s Journeys

Their friendship began during a radio interview they did together during the film ‘Mother India’.

  • Dilip Sahib refused to be cast as Smt. Nargis Ji’s son in the same film.
  • As a result, Sunil Dutt was given the opportunity to play the role.
  • Sunil Dutt’s support extended further when he encouraged Dilip Sahib to accept an international award and revisit his birthplace.

It is heartening to learn about the deep bond that Dilip Kumar and Sunil Dutt shared. Together, they proved that true friendship knows no bounds and can withstand any challenge.


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