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Actress embraces her spirituality and self-confidence

Sara Ali Khan, the popular Bollywood actress known for her charming personality and warm nature, has never shied away from showcasing her religious side. Often seen offering prayers at temples and dargahs, she has received both praise and criticism from her fans for her spiritual practices.

Not seeking validation from others

In a recent interview with Vogue, Sara opened up about not seeking validation from external sources, including the way she looks. She shared that her sense of validation comes from within and is rooted in her innate qualities. This strong sense of self allows her to remain unaffected by other people’s opinions of her.

Staying true to herself

Despite facing criticism, Sara remains true to herself and stays focused on her work. She emphasized that while she appreciates constructive criticism regarding her performances, she does not care about personal opinions on matters like her religious beliefs, sense of dressing, or appearance.

Working for the audience

Sara values her audience and believes that their feedback is vital for her growth as an actress. She strives to improve and deliver better work based on their preferences and expectations.


Sara Ali Khan’s ability to maintain a strong sense of self and not be defined by other people’s opinions sets her apart. Her dedication to her craft and the importance she places on her audience’s feedback reflect her commitment to continuous growth and self-improvement.

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