Satish Shah Reveals Shocking Encounter with Ramsay Brothers’ Makeup Artist Blowing ‘Beedi Smoke’ – Opens up About Portraying Burned Cripple Role After Sadashiv Amrapurkar’s Refusal | Bollywood News

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Satish Shah recalls Ramsay Brothers’ makeup man blowing ‘beedi smoke’ in his face, says he played a burned cripple as Sadashiv Amrapurkar said no

Actor Satish Shah, known for his comic roles, shared an interesting anecdote about working with low-budget horror filmmakers the Ramsay Brothers in a recent interview. He revealed that while he willingly worked on their films, there were moments when he had reservations about certain scenes. However, he still enjoyed his time working with the Ramsays, who cast him in movies like Purani Haveli, Purana Mandir, and Veerana.

Working with the Ramsays

  • Satish Shah recalled his experiences of working with the Ramsay Brothers
  • He mentioned that they cast him because he had access to an old ‘haveli’ they could shoot in
  • He praised Shyam Ramsay as a wonderful actor and expressed that he enjoyed working with the Ramsays

Compromises on set

  • Satish Shah admitted that there were a few things the Ramsays wanted him to do that he did reluctantly
  • He mentioned that they sometimes crossed the line with their requests
  • Despite this, he enjoyed working with them and was able to showcase his pent-up humor

A memorable incident

  • Sadashiv Amrapurkar was initially approached for a half-burned look in a film
  • He refused, so the Ramsays offered him the role of a cripple with a crutch, which he also turned down
  • Satish Shah eventually played the part of a cripple with burn makeup
  • During the makeup process, the makeup man would have a ‘beedi’ in his mouth, causing Satish Shah to inhale the smoke

Satish Shah concluded by acknowledging that he didn’t have much say in his roles at that time and shared that he enjoyed working with the Ramsay Brothers despite the challenges. After taking a sabbatical from acting, he is best known for his comic roles in movies like Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro, Main Hoon Na, and the TV series Sarabhai vs Sarabhai.


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