Sussanne Khan Supports Narayana Murthy’s Criticism of Kareena Kapoor Khan’s Disrespectful Attitude Towards Fans

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Netizens react to Narayana Murthy’s comments about Kareena Kapoor Khan ignoring fans

A few days ago, a video surfaced on social media

A few days ago, a video of Narayana Murthy talking about Kareena Kapoor Khan surfaced on social media where
the businessman recalled how the Bollywood actress ignored fans who approached her during a flight.

Netizens support Narayana Murthy

Murthy said that celebrities should at least acknowledge and reciprocate when people show love – these are
ways to reduce their ego. Netizens reacted to this viral video, and many came out in support of Narayana
Murthy. Even Sussanne Khan also reacted to the video and wrote, ‘Well said Mr. Murthy.’

  • One social media user wrote, ‘Kareena Kapoor is full of ego man…she doesn’t have any ethics or class!!!’
  • Another wrote, ‘These celebrities think the world revolves around them. They forget they are a celebrity because of these people that adore her.’
  • ‘Very very well said sir! Will begum Kareena finally take note?’ said another.

Fans continue to show love for Kareena Kapoor Khan

However, amid this, the actress’s fans continued to shower their love on the actress by dropping comments like ‘I don’t believe this is Kareena’s attitude. Whatever it is I love you Bebo’, and ‘She’s an adult and it is up to her to mark her boundaries.’

Trolls react to Narayana Murthy

Some even trolled Narayana after watching this video and wrote, ‘Uncle portraying bad to someone won’t make u great.’

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