Uorfi Officially Joins Bigg Boss OTT 2 as Elvish Yadav Promises to Design Her Customized Salwar Suit | Exciting Web Series Update

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Uorfi Javed in Bigg Boss OTT 2

Bigg Boss OTT 2: Uorfi Javed enters the house.

Former Bigg Boss contestant Uorfi Javed made a special appearance in the Bigg Boss OTT 2 house and surprised the housemates. While Pooja Bhatt called her a ‘legend,’ Bebika Dhurve greeted her with a warm hug. Uorfi also had a playful banter with Elvish Yadav, who revealed his wish to design an outfit for her.

Elvish Yadav to make salwar suit for Uorfi Javed

During a conversation in the house, Uorfi, who is known for her DIY style statements, said, “Bigg Boss got inspired by me, I guess! That’s why the theme of recycling is here – just like how I create my stunning outfits.” She wore an outfit made of several recycled items, including screws.

She turned to Elvish Yadav later and asked Elvish which outfit he would like to design for her. She said, “Mere liye kaisa outfit banaoge (What kind of outfit you would make for me)?” Elvish replied, “Main banaunga, suit salwar (I will design a salwar suit).”

Uorfi told Elvish, “Aisa nahi hai ki mai nahi pehenti hu (it’s not like I don’t wear salwar suit). I don’t know. I feel very comfortable in my body and I like what I wear. ” He further specified that it would a green-coloured salwar suit for Uorfi, who also promised to wear it during the finale episode.

Reacting to Elvish’s comment, a Twitter user wrote, “Suit Salwar vali hi ache hote hai kya bhai ye thought Q bhai (why do you think those who wear salwar suit are better).” “Nailed it….just Elvish being Elvish,” added another one. Someone also tweeted, “Best reply.”

Pooja Bhatt calls Uorfi Javed a ‘legend’

In a promo from the show, housemates appeared excited upon seeing Uorfi. After Bebika ran to hug Uorfi, Pooja told Uorfi, “You’re a legend. I love you, I love your audacity,” and Uorfi responds, “You’re amazing.” Uorfi further explained the theme behind her recycled outfit to Pooja and Bebika while Jiya Shankar, Abhishek Malhan and Elvish Yadav watched them from a distance.

Meanwhile, Uorfi talked about her elimination from the first season of the show and how it helped her career. She said, “When I got eliminated from the house in the first week of the previous season, I cried a lot as I thought my life was over. But I suddenly realized that my outfits were gaining a lot of attention, and that’s when I decided to pursue this line permanently.” She also addressed trolls attacking her online for her outfits and added, “The trolling does affect me because I couldn’t come out and meet people due to my insecurities.”


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