Bank of England Forecasts Prolonged Period of Higher UK Interest Rates

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Bank of England Announces Higher Interest Rates to Tackle Inflation

  • By Dearbail Jordan
  • Business reporter, BBC News

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Interest rates will stay higher for longer, the Bank of England says

The Bank revealed the tactic to curb price growth as it announced another rise in rates to 5.25% from 5%. It is the 14th increase in a row and takes borrowing costs to a fresh 15-year high.

Bank of England cuts economic growth forecasts

  • The Bank also cut its forecasts for economic growth
  • UK gross domestic product (GDP) is forecast to grow by 0.5% in 2024 and 0.25% in 2025
  • GDP growth is expected to remain below pre-pandemic rates for some time

Inflation remains high

  • Inflation slowed to 7.9% in June, but remains nearly four times higher than the Bank of England’s 2% target
  • The Bank plans to keep interest rates elevated until inflation returns to the target sustainably

Governor Andrew Bailey emphasizes importance of falling inflation

Governor Andrew Bailey said: “Inflation is falling and that’s good news. We know that inflation hits the least well-off hardest and we need to make absolutely sure that it falls all the way back to the 2% target. That’s why we’ve raised rates to 5.25% today.”

Longer timeline for inflation target

The Bank expects inflation to hit its 2% target between April and June in 2025, rather than the first three months of 2025 as previously predicted.


The Bank of England has announced a further increase in interest rates to tackle high inflation. While this is expected to slow economic growth, the Bank believes it is necessary to bring inflation back to its 2% target sustainably. Governor Andrew Bailey emphasized the importance of falling inflation, particularly for the least well-off. The Bank also revised its forecast for GDP growth, which is expected to remain below pre-pandemic rates for some time.


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