India Sets Groundbreaking Precedent: Makes Historic Crude Oil Payment to UAE in Indian Rupees – TOI Exclusive

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India Pays UAE in Rupees for Crude Oil: Boosting Bilateral Relations


In a notable shift, India has successfully conducted its initial payment for crude oil to the UAE using Indian rupees. This departure from the conventional practice of using US dollars for transactions marks a significant milestone in bilateral relations.

Diversifying Payment Methods

The move highlights India’s endeavor to diversify payment methods and strengthen economic ties with the UAE. This step reflects India’s commitment to exploring alternative payment mechanisms and currency arrangements to foster strategic partnerships in the energy sector.

Reducing Currency Exchange Risks

The transition to Indian rupees from US dollars aims to reduce currency exchange risks and facilitate smoother trade settlements between the two countries.

Benefits of the Shift in Payments

  • Enhances bilateral trade: Using Indian rupees strengthens economic cooperation between India and the UAE, promoting trade activities.
  • Boosts India’s currency value: Increased usage of the Indian rupee in international transactions enhances its reputation as a stable currency.
  • Reduces dependency on the US dollar: Shifting away from the US dollar reduces India’s reliance on the currency and provides more flexibility in international trade settlements.
  • Potential cost savings: By avoiding currency conversions and associated fees, India may save costs in oil transactions with the UAE.


The successful payment in Indian rupees for crude oil to the UAE marks a significant development in the bilateral relations between India and the UAE. This shift in payment methods demonstrates India’s commitment to exploring alternative mechanisms and strengthening economic ties with strategic partners like the UAE.

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Date Published: Aug 15, 2023


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