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Russian Ruble’s Dive: Russia’s 17-month Low Against US Dollar

Russian Ruble Drops to 100 Against Dollar for First Time since March 2022

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Russia’s currency, the ruble, has hit a 17-month low against the US dollar, reaching a significant milestone. The recent drop shows the declining value of the Russian ruble in the international markets.

The decline in ruble’s value against the dollar is attributed to various factors, including:

  • Conflict in Ukraine: The Russian ruble’s decline can be partially linked to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, which started in 2014.
  • International Sanctions: Sanctions imposed by Western countries on Russia due to its actions in Ukraine have had a negative impact on the Russian economy and its currency.
  • Falling Oil Prices: Russia, being one of the largest oil producers in the world, heavily relies on oil exports. The recent fall in oil prices has placed additional pressure on the ruble.

Russian Rouble Falls to Levels Seen at Start of Ukraine Invasion

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The Russian currency has now dropped to levels not seen since the start of the Ukrainian invasion. This further reflects the economic challenges faced by Russia and the impact of geopolitical tensions.

News Ticker on Russian Building Blasts Putin as Ruble Sinks

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A recent news ticker circulating on the internet highlights the growing discontent towards President Vladimir Putin and criticizes the Russian government’s handling of the economy. The ticker coincides with the decline in the value of the ruble, indicating a connection between public sentiment and the currency’s performance.

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