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Yoga Movement Partners with Strong Pilates

Yoga Movement Partners with Strong Pilates to Offer 11 New Studios

Singapore’s Homegrown Fitness Brand Expands its Fitness Portfolio

About Yoga Movement

With nine studios across the island, Singapore’s homegrown fitness lifestyle brand, Yoga Movement, ups the ante by partnering with Strong Pilates to offer 11 new studios for cardio-based pilates.

A Growing Community

Known for its good vibes and fitness-focused yoga, Yoga Movement is home to over 85,000 members since its inception.

The Brainchild of Alicia Pan

Founded back in 2012 by husband and wife duo, Peter Thew and Alicia Pan, Yoga Movement was the brainchild of Pan when she was looking for ways to slow down and unwind amidst her busy schedule as a singer-songwriter. Yoga wasn’t her first choice of workout but trying it, she fell in love with how yoga incorporated both physical and breathing aspects.

Expanding the Brand’s Footprint

After successfully establishing Yoga Movement in Singapore, the co-founders currently have their eyes on expanding the brand’s footprint. The company has announced an open call for APAC and international franchise partners, and their recent exclusive partnership with Australian fitness company Strong Pilates sees diversification of the fitness portfolio.

Thrilled with the New Alliance

Both fitness enthusiasts themselves, Thew and Pan commented on the new alliance: “We’re thrilled to enhance our offering to include Strong Pilates. Last year, Yoga Movement saw a total of 365,000 attendances to classes and we’re projected to see more than half a million visits this coming year. We’re excited to be adding a new fitness routine with Strong Pilates which is unlike any of our current workouts.”

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