“15-Minute Pilates Workout: Challenge Your Glutes and Abs with This Effective Routine”

Put Your Glutes and Abs to the Test With This 15-Minute Pilates Workout

If you’re looking for a challenging workout that targets your glutes and abs, East River Pilates instructor Brian Spencer has got you covered. In this episode of Good Moves, Spencer leads viewers through a 15-minute Pilates workout that will leave you feeling the burn.

Light Warm-Up Stretches

The workout starts with some light warm-up stretches to get your body ready for the more intense exercises to come. Spencer has you rotate your hips side to side, windshield-wiping your knees to your left and right.

Engaging Multiple Muscle Groups

Next, Spencer has you balance on your hands and feet with your hips up, stomach facing the ceiling. This move engages multiple muscle groups at once, including your glutes and abs.

Clamshells and Upper Body Rotation

To hit the gluteus medius muscles on either side of your buns, Spencer adds in clamshells. He then incorporates an upper body rotation for a full-body challenge.

Engaging Your Core Muscles

The heart of the workout involves engaging your core muscles and committing to proper form in positions that may feel uncomfortable. Spencer has you push yourself up into a half-side plank and reach your arm to the sky, bringing it back down and repeating.

Transitional Stretches

To give your body a break between exercises, Spencer incorporates transitional stretches like downward dog, lunges, and cat-and-cow.

Enthusiastic Guidance

Throughout the workout, Spencer offers healthy doses of encouragement and leads you through each exercise step by step. By the end of the 15 minutes, you’ll have worked up a sweat and challenged your body in new ways.

So, if you’re ready to put your glutes and abs to the test, grab a mat and press play on this 15-minute Pilates workout.

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