“Blind Man Kicked Out of Gym for ‘Staring’ at Woman: Unjust Discrimination or Misunderstanding?”

## Blind man kicked out of gym for “creepy” staring

Toby Addison, a 21-year-old psychology and counseling student from Chichester, England, recently shared a mortifying experience he had at the gym on the “Happy Hour Podcast”. Despite being blind, Addison was accused of “creepily” staring at a woman while working out and was subsequently kicked out of the gym.

### The incident

Addison, who shares his life as a blind person on his TikTok account, @blindtobes, said he was “minding his own business” during a workout when he heard a woman say: “Oh, do you like the view?” Unbeknownst to him, the woman was referring to herself. Addison was simply staring ahead, as he cannot see.

### Misunderstanding

The woman accused Addison of staring at her and being “creepy”. Despite his attempts to explain that he was blind, she was not understanding. She even went as far as to get the gym manager involved, who asked Addison to leave.

### Addison’s response

Addison shared his experience on TikTok, expressing his understanding of why the woman may have felt uncomfortable but also wishing she had been more understanding of his situation. He also highlighted the lack of awareness around disabilities and how it can lead to situations like this.

### Lessons learned

Addison’s experience sheds light on the importance of awareness around disabilities and how misunderstandings can occur. It also highlights the need for gyms to have proper training for staff on how to handle situations involving individuals with disabilities.

In conclusion, Addison’s experience serves as a reminder to be more understanding and empathetic towards others, especially those with disabilities.

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