“Breaking News: MH Elite Coach Zack George Joins Full Gladiators Lineup – You Won’t Believe Who Else Made the Cut!”

# Gladiators 2023 Line Up Revealed: Meet the Athletes and Fitness Influencers

Gladiators is set to make a sensational comeback in Autumn 2023, but until now we haven’t known exactly who will be donning a leotard and following in the footsteps of Wolf, Jet, and Cobra. MH Elite coach and former cover star Zack George was one of the first athletes to announce that he will be hitting our screens as the Gladiator ‘Steel’. Now the full line up has been revealed, and it includes former cover star Lee Philips alongside a host of other athletes and fitness influencers.

## Meet the Gladiators

Wondering who will be grabbing a pugil stick and putting their fitness to the test? Here’s the full line up, as well as their credentials.

### Steel: Zack George

CrossFit and MH Elite athlete Zack George won the title of Fittest Man in the UK in 2020. He was our November 2020 cover star and regularly contributes workouts for Men’s Health. Here are 5 of his top workouts:

– Zack George, UK’s Fittest Man, Shares His 3-Move EMOM Workout
– This Finisher from CrossFit Athlete Zack George Builds Bulletproof, Boulder Shoulders
– This Upper-Body Dumbbell Session by Zack George Is The Ultimate WFH Pump
– Got 15 Minutes? Sweat Out Zack George’s EMOM and Spend Your Day as a Champion
– Take on Zack George’s 600-Rep Bodyweight Fitness Test

### Fury: Jodie Ounsley

Jodie Ounsley is a professional Exeter Chiefs rugby player and a former England Women’s Rugby Seven’s player. She is also a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu British Champion and was crowned Deaf Sports Personality of The Year in 2020.

### Giant: Jamie Christian Johal

6ft 5inches Jamie Christian Johal is a former firefighter and one of the [strange fact alert] tallest Open IFBB PRO bodybuilders in the UK.

### Legend: Matt Morsia

Also known as ‘MattDoesFitness’, Morsia is a former international athlete, but is now better known as a YouTuber, bodybuilder, and powerlifter, who’s happy to take on any challenge in the name of fitness.

### Fire: Montell Douglas

Former Team GB sprinter, Montell Douglas held the British woman’s record for fastest 100m sprint at 11.05 seconds. Amongst other athletic successes, in 2010, she won Commonwealth Gold in the 4 x 100 metre relay race.

### Nitro: Harry Aikines-Aryeetey

Commonwealth and World gold medallist sprinter, Harry Aikines-Aryeetey has amassed a series of gold, silver, and bronze medals over the years for his efforts. Check out how he built his body here.

### Diamond: Livi Sheldon

Livi Sheldon is a bodybuilder and British finalist for ‘England Toned Figure’ and previously played football for Worcester City Ladies team.

### Sabre: Sheli McCoy

Sheli McCoy has competed in numerous British weightlifting and CrossFit Championships events and has been Scottish champion in both.

### Apollo: Alex Gray

A former Premiership and England 7s rugby player, he joined the roster of the NFL team the Atlanta Falcons in May 2017, making him the first rugby player to transfer over to the NFL from the UK.

### Dynamite: Emily Steel

Emily Steel is a CrossFit athlete and under 23’s weightlifting British record holder.

### Comet: Ella-Mae Rayner

Fitness model and coach, Ella-Mae Rayner was a former elite gymnast, competed in University Cheerleading Championships and took part in semi-professional diving.

### Athena: Karenjeet Kaur Bains

Karenjeet Kaur Bains is the winner of three Gold and two Silver Commonwealth Powerlifting medals, is five-time All England Powerlifting Champion and five-time British Powerlifting Champion representing Team GB. She is also the Guinness World Record holder for the ‘Most Bodyweight Squats in a minute’. Very proud of her South Asian heritage, as the first Sikh Gladiator she wants to inspire people of all backgrounds to achieve their full potential.

### Bionic: Matty Campbell

Bodybuilder Matty Campbell played youth football, reaching academy level but had to stop due to a car accident. He found his love for the gym during the rehabilitation process.

### Viper: Quang Luong

Bodybuilder Quang Luong is a fitness enthusiast and boxer who has been cast in action films such as James Bond, appearing as a gangster.

### Electro: Jade Packer

Jade Packer is a four-time top three UKBFF placing bodybuilder turned CrossFit enthusiast who works as a sports model and fitness coach.

### Phantom: Toby Olubi

Toby Olubi was part of the Team GB Bobsleigh team where his they broke the world record for the fastest-ever bobsleigh at 97 mph at the 2018 Winter Olympics.

## The Referees

The Gladiators will be kept in check and refereed by our very own cover star: Lee Phillips. He will be working alongside former English international netball player Sonia Mkoloma and former football referee Mark Clattenburg. As well as being a former cover star, Phillips is a firefighter and athlete and won gold in the Ultimate Firefighter and various CrossFit competitions.

With such an impressive line-up, the return of Gladiators is sure to be an exciting event for fitness enthusiasts and fans of the original show alike.

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