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Soft Hiking: The New Movement That Prioritizes Relaxation and Wellness

The #softlife movement has taken social media by storm, encouraging people to prioritize relaxation and reduce stress. This has inspired other campaigns like #quietluxury and most recently, soft hiking. Lucy Hird and Emily Thornton, the creators of the soft hiking movement, recognized the need to enjoy nature without the pressure of completing hikes in record time.

What is Soft Hiking?

Soft hiking is a concept that focuses on having a peaceful hiking experience and prioritizing wellness. It involves listening to your body, making sure you’ve eaten enough, taking breaks when you need to, not pushing yourself too hard, and stopping to see things that interest you.

A Simple Guide to Soft Hiking

Hird and Thornton suggest the following tips to truly enjoy the journey on a soft hike:

– Eat breakfast before heading out and pack lunch for your journey
– Stop along the path to admire and learn about different buildings along the way
– Listen to your body and take breaks when needed
– Don’t push yourself too hard
– Stop to see things that interest you

What’s Next for the Soft Hiking Movement?

To connect with like-minded soft hikers, Hird and Thornton have started organizing group hikes. However, they have decided not to monetize the soft hiking movement unless it aligns with their values. Since starting the movement, they’ve received positive feedback from people about how the concept has shaped their view of hiking.

“I think the word ‘walking’ can actually be quite restrictive because not everyone can walk. But hiking is more of a doing word, so everyone can hike in a way,” says Hird.

Soft hiking is a movement that encourages people to enjoy nature without the pressure of completing hikes in record time. It’s about prioritizing wellness and relaxation, and listening to your body. So, grab your backpack and hit the trails for a soft hike today!

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