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# How fitness trainer ‘accidentally’ lost 18kg and toned her body with three unlikely lifestyle changes: ‘I had no idea this would work’

Alexandra Materski, a fitness trainer and wellness blogger, has shared her story of how she ‘accidentally’ lost 18kg and transformed her figure by making three simple lifestyle changes. In this article, we will explore the changes that Alexandra made and how they helped her achieve her dream body.

## The Changes That Helped Alexandra Lose 18kg

1. Stopped doing an hour of cardio before weights – Alexandra was always exhausted after the cardio which made her body hold onto the fat.
2. Made delicious, well-rounded meals instead of counting calories and only eating chicken and broccoli.
3. Changed her negative mindset and stopped talking down to herself – having a positive outlook when you set a goal makes achieving it that much easier.

## The Surprising Results

Alexandra was committed to losing weight and getting in shape. She spent two hours at the gym multiple times a week trying to achieve her dream body. However, she was stunned to realise that she went down several dress sizes by making certain unlikely changes to her routine.

Alexandra turned to focusing more on aerobic exercise and instead made delicious, healthy meals that were filled with ‘love’. She shared before and after photos of her incredible transformation and urged her fans to figure out what worked for them instead of focusing on what ‘should’ make them get in shape.

## Alexandra’s Advice

Alexandra shared a now-viral video with her advice and revealed the secrets to her success. ‘I had no idea these things would help me lose weight, but they did,’ she said. The Ontario native also claimed that while some of her methods were obvious, others surprised her.

‘I stopped doing so much cardio – I would go on the Stairmaster and do an hour of cardio and then an hour of weights previously. But my body was exhausted after that, which caused me to hold onto more fat and not lose weight.’

Alexandra also stopped dieting and counting calories and instead put energy into making recipes that were healthy and tasted good. ‘I cut out chicken and broccoli with plain white rice, and I added some more love into my meals,’ she said.

The third change she made was cutting out negative self-talk and focusing on a positive mindset. ‘This is so important,’ she stressed. ‘I stopped talking down to myself, I stopped talking sh*t about myself.’

## The Positive Response

Many others agreed with Alexandra’s approach and shared their own success stories. ‘Body positivity is everything!’ a woman said. ‘I changed the same things about my lifestyle and lost 4.5kg.’

‘Upping your protein and focusing on lifting more weights will definitely help,’ another added.

A third wrote: ‘I genuinely realised that when I like my body and think it looks good, I lose more weight than when I frantically try to get slimmer.’

‘The moment I started thanking my body for what it’s been through – I glowed up,’ another woman said.

In conclusion, Alexandra’s story is a reminder that sometimes the most unlikely changes can have the biggest impact on our health and fitness goals. By focusing on self-love, positive mindset, and well-rounded meals, we can achieve our dream bodies without sacrificing our mental and emotional well-being.

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