Fitness Influencer Scooby Werkstatt, 61, Shares How Workouts Change After 50, Encourages Others to Start at Any Age

## A Ripped Bodybuilder in His 60s Shares How His Workouts Have Changed

Bodybuilder and fitness influencer Scooby Werkstatt, 61, has been lifting weights since the 1980s and has taken to YouTube to create content for older lifters. In a recent clip posted to his channel, known as Gray and Fit, Werkstatt showed off his intense routine despite the years put on his body.

### Training After 50 is Entirely Different

Werkstatt said that training after 50 is entirely different than it was as a young adult. He recommended movement as key in old age, given that he’s grown uncomfortable sitting, and his body doesn’t respond to it positively anymore.

### Full-Body Workout and Cardio

Werkstatt could be seen doing weighted pull-ups in a garage gym and noted that he would perform a full-body workout before flying to Arizona for hiking. He performs the full-body session at least twice per week for over an hour. Additionally, he does five to 15 hours of cardio as well.

### Never Too Late to Start Bodybuilding and Strength Training

Although Werkstatt did not claim that those viewers over the age of 50 should do what he did, he did urge people to start working out at any age. “It’s never too late to start bodybuilding and strength training,” he said. “In many ways, it’s beneficial to wait until after you’re 50 to start lifting because you have the patience, the time, and the common sense to keep from getting injured.”

### Different Needs, Training Methods, and Nutrition

Werkstatt continued that the needs, training methods, and nutrition needed for those over 50 are completely different than for young adults. For him, that still looks like at least two to three weight training sessions per week, every week, along with several hours of cardio.

### Engage in Content Designed for Lifters in Their 50s

Werkstatt encouraged viewers to engage in content like his that is designed for lifters in their 50s looking to make a lifestyle change. He believes that teens “do not always have” the awareness needed for that type of exercise.

In conclusion, Scooby Werkstatt has shown that it’s possible to maintain a ripped physique even in your 60s. By adapting his workout routine to his age, he has continued to stay fit and healthy. His message is clear: it’s never too late to start working out and taking care of your body.

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