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45-Minute Workout Routine for Your Dream Body

A 45-minute workout routine three times a week is all you need to sculpt your ‘dream’ body by summer – and you don’t need to cut out carbs


A top personal trainer, Nigel Morgan from Body Clinic Sydney, reveals that high-intensity circuit-based training is not effective for muscle growth and achieving a lean physique. He shares his training philosophy and the 12-week fitness program he used to prepare Marvel star Tessa Thompson for her role in Thor: Love and Thunder.

Don’t Be Afraid of Lifting Weights

Nigel advises women not to fear lifting weights as it is crucial for weight loss and toning up. Many women avoid weightlifting due to the fear of looking bulky, but Nigel emphasizes that it is difficult to gain muscle without it.

Tessa Thompson’s 12-Week Plan

  • Five days of circuit resistance training per week
  • Minimal cardio to focus on building muscle while looking lean
  • High protein, nutrient-dense whole foods in the diet

My Workout Experience with Nigel

During a one-on-one session with Nigel at SOMA in Sydney’s CBD, I followed Tessa Thompson’s workout routine for Thor: Love and Thunder. The session primarily focused on weights, form, and controlled repetitions.

The Workout Routine

  • Warm Up:
    • Hip thrusts – 30 reps
    • Crab walks – 1 minute
    • Ab crunches
    • Plank – 1 minute
  • Four Rounds:
    • Split squats – 12-15 reps
    • Alternating row – 12-15 reps
    • Back extension – 15 reps
    • LAT pulldown – 12-15 reps

The Importance of Correct Technique

Nigel emphasizes the importance of proper technique over the weight used. He advises focusing on doing the exercise correctly, targeting the right muscles, and then gradually increasing the weight.

Focusing on Fat Loss

Nigel highlights four key factors for successful fat loss:

  1. Low body fat percentage
  2. Calorie deficit
  3. Resistance training to stimulate muscle mass
  4. Good quality food and NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis)

Tessa Thompson’s ‘Day on a Plate’

  • Breakfast: Vegan protein smoothie with berries, banana, honey
  • Lunch: Steamed chicken breast with a large mixed salad and a cup of rice
  • Snacks: Chopped fruit, vegetable sticks with almond butter, small handful of nuts
  • Dinner: Prawns, salmon, char-grilled mixed vegetables, a side salad with organic olive oil


By following a 45-minute workout routine three times a week, focusing on lifting weights, and maintaining a balanced diet, anyone can achieve their dream body by summer. It’s important to prioritize proper technique, muscle stimulation, and overall health rather than just the number on the scale.

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