“Get a Six-Pack in 8 Minutes: My Verdict on Daisy Keech’s 8-Move Abs Workout”

Daisy Keech’s 8-Minute Abs Workout: A Hit or Miss?

Daisy Keech, the social media sensation, has been pulling in millions of views on her YouTube channel with her workout videos. Her latest workout, “Hourglass Abs Part III,” has also become a massive hit with her followers. However, one personal trainer who tried the workout found that it wasn’t as great as it seemed. Here’s what happened when she put it to the test:

The Workout

The “Hourglass Abs Part III” workout follows a 40 seconds on, 10 seconds rest pattern, and Keech recommends hitting three rounds, repeating several times a week. You’ll do eight exercises in total, finishing with a plank hold. The workout starts with Keech’s light and breezy introductions, then you’ll get straight to work — no equipment needed. Here are the exercises you can expect:

– Slow sit-ups
– Bicycle crunches
– Reverse crunches
– Boat bent knee heal taps
– Russian twists
– Toe taps
– Bird dog crunch
– Plank

The Feedback

The personal trainer who tried the workout found that it wasn’t as challenging as she expected. She added a resistance band and light weights to make the exercises harder, but still didn’t get much out of it. She found the workout to be lazily sequenced and overused, using a standard ab workout format (40 on, 20 off). While it’s not a terrible ab workout, it doesn’t reinvent the wheel or even attempt to.

The Verdict

While the workout may be challenging for beginners or those who don’t train core often, those who train regularly and need more intensity may want to consider adding equipment or trying elsewhere instead. The personal trainer recommends a weights workout to build lean muscle, strengthen core muscles, and keep your metabolism revved. It’s also worth noting that while ab workouts can help strengthen your core, they won’t necessarily cinch your waist or blitz stomach fat. Fat loss depends on various factors, including regular exercise, a consistent and nutritional diet, sleep, and hormones.

In conclusion, while Daisy Keech’s workouts may pull in millions of views, they may not be for everyone. It’s important to find a workout that works for you and your fitness goals.

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