“Kayla Itsines Shares Terrifying Experience with Male Client: A Wake-Up Call for Fitness Industry”

# Celebrity Trainer Kayla Itsines Opens Up About Her Scary Encounter with a Male Client

Kayla Itsines, the fitness influencer and entrepreneur, has recently revealed the reason why she decided to focus her fitness training program exclusively on women. In an interview with the Australian Financial Review, Kayla shared a terrifying experience she had with a male client when she was just 18 years old and starting out as a trainer.

## The Scary Encounter

Kayla recounted how she went to a male client’s house to train him, and upon opening the door, she immediately felt uneasy. The man was not wearing exercise clothes, and he was staring at her in a way that made her uncomfortable. Kayla quickly realized that something was off and decided to leave.

“I was going through the consent form, and he was staring at me. It was very scary,” Kayla said. “Alarm bells, immediately. I told him I needed to get something from my car and never returned.”

## The Decision to Train Only Women

Kayla’s scary encounter with the male client was enough to make her realize that she wanted to focus her training exclusively on women. She started to only train female clients and went on to create programs for women, including her famous Bikini Body Guide and her fitness app, Sweat.

## The Success of Sweat

Kayla’s decision to focus on women has paid off in more ways than one. In 2021, Kayla sold her company, Sweat (formerly known as Bikini Body Guide), to U.S. software giant iFIT, which propelled her net worth to $164 million. This success placed her 39th on the 2021 Young Rich List, just one spot ahead of her business partner and former fiancé, Tobi Pearce, who had a similar net worth.

Kayla and Tobi launched Sweat in 2015 as an ebook, and the company grew into an app-based online community with more than 50 million users worldwide.

Kayla’s story is a reminder of the importance of listening to our instincts and taking action when something doesn’t feel right. Her decision to focus on women has not only helped her build a successful business but has also created a safe and empowering space for women to achieve their fitness goals.

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