“Unveiling the Enigmatic Nicha: Jo Lindner’s Girlfriend and Bodybuilder Extraordinaire, Tragically Passes Away at 30”

## Famed German Bodybuilder Jo Lindner Passes Away at Age 30

July 1, 2022

Famed German bodybuilder, Jo Lindner, also known by his Instagram username Joesthetics, has passed away at the age of 30. The news was announced by his girlfriend, Nicha, on July 1 via her Instagram handle with a series of pictures and a lengthy caption.

### Heartfelt Note from Nicha

In the heartfelt note, Nicha wrote that Jo is in the “best place,” revealing that he died of an aneurysm and that she was with him at the time.

“I was there with him in the room.. he put on the necklace in (sic) my neck that he made for me. than (sic) ..we was (sic) just lay down cuddle..waiting the time to go meet Noel at the gym at 16.00. he was in my arms.”

Nicha revealed that Jo Lindner complained about neck pain three days ago but it was too late until they realized the gravity of the situation.

### Remembering Jo Lindner

Calling him a “sweet, kind, strong, loyal, honest, and hard-working man,” Nicha said Lindner believed in everyone, especially her.

“He put a lot of work to be motivated to (sic) his fan EVEN (though) sometimes he feel (sic) not so motivation (sic). but he can’t rest or GIVE UP because he knew 8 million people out need this from him. like he always say (sic) ‘keep pushing and STAY STRONG.'”

Nicha called Jo Lindner “amazing” and “incredible” before adding that he had come this far all on his own.

## Jo Lindner’s Girlfriend Regularly Appeared on His Social Media Handles

Jo Lindner’s girlfriend, Nicha, is also a fitness enthusiast and regularly appeared on his social media handles. Nicha has a following of 139K on her Instagram handle and also shares Jo’s passion for health and fitness.

According to her Instagram bio, she seemingly is a native of Thailand and has won awards for her fitness. She bagged first place at Thailand Muscle Championship in 2021, and stood first in IFBB Bikini Class B 2022.

In the pictures and videos shared by her, the duo looked like they worked out together in the gym and were supportive of each other.

### Tributes from Friends and Admirers

Several friends and admirers of Jo Lindner paid tribute to the famed bodybuilder, who had a following of 8.7 million on his Instagram handle.

Lindner’s close friend, Noel Deyzel shared a picture of the duo and a heartfelt note alongside.

“I still keep checking my phone waiting for your reply so we can meet at the gym. I’m broken bro. You opened your arms up to us, you showed us so much about life and social media. Your generosity towards myself and others will always stay with me.”

According to The US Sun, his close friend Joseph Shulkin also paid tribute to the deceased bodybuilder.

“You have done so much for the community, had the best energy, and the kindest soul. We will always remember you brazza, fly high.”

As of writing, no official cause of Jo Lindner has been released aside from what Nicha revealed.

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