“Unveiling the Ultimate Glute Exercise: The Biggest Catfish Pose in History Discovered by a Gym Girl!”

In Pictures: Fitness Influencer Shares “Biggest Catfish Pose” to Accentuate Booty

Sub-heading: Gym girl reveals the secret behind her perfect booty pose

Charlotte, a fitness influencer with over 100,000 followers on TikTok, recently shared her “biggest catfish pose” that accentuates her booty. The gym girl stood in front of a mirror in a workout set, standing to the side to show off her curves. However, not everything was as it seemed.

The Flamingo Pose

Charlotte revealed that she was actually standing in the flamingo pose, a one-legged stance, the entire time to improve the way her glutes looked. She joked that the flamingo pose was “literally the biggest catfish pose in history” and added the hashtags #glutepose and #catfish.

People’s Reactions

Many people were amazed by the pose and wanted to learn it ASAP. Some even admitted to being tricked by Charlotte’s picture hack. However, others gave the gym girl more credit by saying her body and hard work still contributed to her perfect booty pose.


Charlotte’s “biggest catfish pose” has become a viral sensation on social media, with many people trying it out for themselves. While the pose may not work for everyone, it’s a great reminder that angles and poses can make a big difference in how we look in pictures.

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