“DAK Urges Public Awareness on the Benefits and Safety of Generic Drugs”

## Generic Drugs Lower Out-of-Pocket Costs and Improve Medication Adherence, Says DAK President

### Introduction
The President of the Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) has highlighted the benefits of prescribing generic medicines to patients. According to research, patients who were prescribed generic drugs experienced significantly lower out-of-pocket costs compared to those given branded drugs. Moreover, patients with chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular ailments were more likely to adhere to their medication therapies when prescribed generic drugs.

### Generic Drugs Reduce Deaths Among Cancer Patients
The DAK President emphasized that studies have shown a significant reduction in deaths among cancer patients who were treated with generic drugs. He also pointed out that generic drugs played a crucial role in saving millions of lives of patients with AIDS.

### Violation of National Medical Council Recommendations
Despite the increasing use of generic drugs, doctors in Jammu and Kashmir (JK) continue to prescribe expensive therapies instead of equally effective and cheaper generic versions. This practice goes against the recommendations of the National Medical Council (NMC), which mandates the prescribing of generic drugs.

### The Need for a Legal Framework
Dr. Nisar, the DAK President, stressed the importance of establishing a legal framework to promote the use of generic medicines. Without proper implementation, the push for generic drugs will remain merely an idea.

In summary, prescribing generic drugs not only lowers out-of-pocket costs for patients but also improves medication adherence. The use of generic drugs has been proven to reduce deaths among cancer patients and has played a significant role in saving lives of AIDS patients. However, there is a need for a legal framework to ensure the widespread adoption of generic medicines and to align with the recommendations of the National Medical Council.

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