“Daughters of Shepherds Clear NEET UG 2023, Aim to Revolutionize Healthcare in Their Village”

NEET UG 2023: Two Girls from a Remote Rajasthan Village Clear Medical Entrance Exam

In a remote village of Nangal Tulsidas in Rajasthan, where healthcare facilities are scarce, two girls have brought hope for a better future. Ritu and Kareena Yadav, daughters of two shepherds, have cleared the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) UG with flying colours. The girls have set an example for others in their village to aim high and achieve their goals.

The Healthcare Scenario in Nangal Tulsidas
Nangal Tulsidas is a small village in Rajasthan where healthcare facilities are limited. The nearest private hospital is 18 km away, and villagers have to travel 25 km to Jaipur for other medical needs. The community health centre is located in another village, 2.5 km away from Nangal Tulsidas. The only sub-centre present in the village has ANM beds, which means that the people present there are basic diploma holders and are not certified for treatment.

The Success Story of Ritu and Kareena Yadav
Ritu and Kareena Yadav, cousins, come from families with limited means. Their fathers earn a living by rearing goats, and both families live separately. Ritu’s father, Hanuman Sahay, lost his eyesight in 2011 and had to resort to grazing goats for a living. Kareena’s father, Nanchuram, is currently undergoing radiotherapy for lung cancer. Despite the challenges, the girls’ uncle, Thakarsi Yadav, a Science graduate and grade III teacher in Rajasthan government schools, noticed their potential and suggested that they should join coaching for medical entrance exams.

The girls went to Allen Career Institute for admission, and the institute waived a percentage of their fees under its CSR initiative. Ritu and Kareena have cleared NEET UG in previous years as well but could not take admission to medical colleges due to financial constraints. This year, Ritu secured 645 marks obtaining All India Rank (AIR) 8179 and category rank 3027, while Kareena scored 680 marks and bagged AIR 1621 and category rank 432.

The Girls’ Vision for the Future
The girls’ success has brought joy and hope to their families and the village. They wish to bring change in the education as well as the healthcare scenario of their village. Kareena’s father, Nanchuram, expressed his gratitude to everyone who helped change his life. The girls and their families hope that their success will encourage more and more students to study hard, set goals for themselves, and achieve them.

Ritu and Kareena Yadav’s success story is an inspiration for many. They have shown that with hard work and determination, one can overcome any obstacle and achieve their dreams. Their success has brought hope to their village, and their vision for the future is a step towards a better tomorrow.

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