“Revolutionizing Healthcare: Inside the Innovative Design of Tergooi Medical Center by Wiegerinck – You Won’t Believe What They’ve Accomplished!”

Tergooi Medical Center: A New Hospital Offering a Calming and Open Environment

The new Tergooi Medical Center in Hilversum, the Netherlands, has merged two hospital locations (Blaricum and Hilversum) into one. The hospital offers a soft, calming, and open environment for patients and staff, with nature and daylight playing an important role in the design. The building features numerous windows overlooking the beautiful green surroundings. Here are some key features of the new hospital:

Four buildings, one whole: The hospital is divided into four seemingly separate building sections, but on the ground floor and the first floor, the hospital feels like one continuous whole, as the various sections are organically connected by wide, light, transparent corridors.

Peace and direction: The passage through the central hall gives patients and visitors a sense of direction. It runs like a spine through the entire complex, and at the transition from one part of the building to the other, you pass through conservatory-like corridors that give you the feeling of stepping outside, among the trees.

Connected to the heart: On the second floor, staff can easily move patients throughout the building in their hospital beds. This ensures that this kind of traffic is separate from the public traffic on the ground floor. At the heart of the complex is the hot floor, with radiology on the ground floor and the OR department on the first floor. Due to its central location, the OR is effectively linked to care processes on all sides.

Sustainable harmony: The facades are inspired by the forest, with the vertical rhythm, the bark-like vertical brickwork, the glossy aluminum that looks like leaves, and the contrasts between light and dark all harmonizing with the surroundings and subtly reflecting the surrounding forest. The green Sedum roofs reduce heat in summer and contribute to overall sustainability. The roofs are also equipped with solar panels that provide a large portion of the building’s energy.

The Tergooi Medical Center is set to be completed in 2023, and it promises to offer a unique and calming environment for patients and staff, with a focus on sustainability and harmony with nature.

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