“Solving the Problem of Interrupted Sleep: Businesses Revolutionize the Waking up to Sleep Economy”

Title: The Rise of Sleep Products: From Gummies to Smart Mattresses

Not too long ago, a good night’s sleep came naturally to humans. However, with the modern lifestyle and increased stress levels, sleep has become a luxury. As a result, the sleep industry has seen significant growth, with a wide range of products aimed at improving sleep quality. This article explores the rise of sleep products, including sleep gummies and smart mattresses, and their impact on the global sleep economy.

Sub-heading: Sleep Troubles on the Rise

According to recent reports, a significant number of Indians are experiencing sleep-related issues. A LocalCircles report revealed that 55% of surveyed Indians reported getting less than six hours of uninterrupted sleep. Additionally, 28% stated that their sleep quality had deteriorated since the Covid pandemic. The ‘Great Indian Sleep Scorecard 2022’ report by Wakefit indicated that one in four Indians believes they have insomnia. These statistics highlight the growing prevalence of sleep disorders in the country.

Sub-heading: The Sleep Economy Expands

The demand for sleep products has led to the rapid growth of the global sleep economy. According to Statista, the sleep economy is projected to grow from $432 billion in 2019 to $585 billion in 2024. Dr. Shaunak Ajinkya, a consultant psychiatrist, explains that the market for sleep products, such as smart mattresses, sleep tracking apps, and sleep aid devices, is expanding rapidly. As people increasingly prioritize their sleep, businesses are capitalizing on the opportunity to provide solutions.

Sub-heading: Sleep Gummies: A Dream Product

Sleep gummies have emerged as a popular and affordable product in the sleep market. These gummies contain melatonin, a hormone that regulates the sleep-wake cycle. P&G recently launched its Vicks ZzzQuil Natura sleep gummies in India, targeting consumers experiencing occasional sleeplessness. Ananya Agarwal, founder and CEO of wellness brand Nyumi, reports a significant increase in demand for their beauty sleep gummies. These gummies are non-habit forming and provide a natural alternative to prescription sleeping pills.

Sub-heading: Sleep-Friendly Snacks and Teas

Innovative companies like NightFood in the US offer sleep-friendly snacks such as cookies and ice creams. While similar products are yet to be seen in India, brands like COSMIX provide powdered concoctions that claim to improve sleep quality. Sleep special teas are also available in the market, offering a natural way to promote better sleep.

Sub-heading: The World of Sleep-Tech

The sleep-tech industry has witnessed remarkable advancements in recent years. Smart mattresses, like The Pod by Eight Sleep, adjust temperature and track sleep without the need for wearables. In India, The Sleep Company offers SmartGRID mattresses, which utilize patented Japanese technology for a more comfortable sleep experience. Other sleep-tech gadgets include smartwatches, FitBits, sleep buds, white noise machines, and smart lamps. These devices aim to track sleep patterns and create a more conducive sleep environment.

Sub-heading: Sleep-Related Apps

Sleep-related apps have gained immense popularity, offering features such as guided meditation, mindfulness content, and soothing sounds. Apps like Calm and Headspace have generated significant revenue, indicating the growing interest in sleep-related content. While the impact of using smartwatches to track sleep varies, some individuals find it helpful in making positive changes to their sleep habits.

As sleep-related issues continue to affect people worldwide, the sleep industry is booming. From sleep gummies to smart mattresses and sleep-related apps, there is a wide range of products available to help individuals improve their sleep quality. With the sleep economy projected to grow further, it is clear that sleep has become a priority for many, and businesses are capitalizing on this growing demand.

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