“Urgent Need for Gynaecologists in Gurez: 300 Expecting Mothers Left Without Care”

## Rural Belts in Kashmir Struggle with Lack of Healthcare Professionals

The rural belts of Tulail, Bagtore, and Kanzalwan in the Kashmir region are facing a severe shortage of doctors, leaving residents without access to basic healthcare needs. The situation is particularly dire for pregnant women and those with complicated pregnancies, who are often forced to travel long distances to seek professional care.

### Limited Access to Healthcare

According to officials, the majority of women in these areas rely on the help of ASHA workers during delivery. However, those with complicated pregnancies are unofficially advised to seek professional care in Bandipora or other areas, which can mean traveling long distances and spending a significant amount of time to reach medical facilities with gynecologists.

### Dangerous Winter Conditions

The situation is even more challenging during the winter months when roads are closed for months, and helicopters are unable to make emergency medical evacuations. This leaves many people dealing with near-death situations, and desperate families often seek the administration’s help to airlift expecting or critically ill patients.

### A Call for Action

The issue of the shortage of healthcare professionals in these rural areas has remained unsolved for over ten years, leaving residents feeling hopeless and frustrated. Abdul Raheem, a local resident, expressed his concern, saying, “Being witnesses to this, we wish no one has to face such situations wherein hope also seems to have died.”

Another local, Irshad Ahamd, added, “The post has remained vacant for over 10 years.” It is clear that urgent action is needed to address this critical issue and ensure that residents in these rural areas have access to the healthcare they need.

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