India’s Anju Converts to Islam and Receives Land and Gifts from Pakistani Businessman – Latest News from India

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CEO of Pak Star Group Presents Gifts to Anju, Now Fatima

Indian woman Anju, who traveled to Pakistan to meet her Facebook friend Nasrullah and then got married leaving her Indian husband Arvind Kumar in Alwar, was recently gifted with 10 Marla housing land and PKR 50,000 by the CEO of Pak Star Group of Companies Mohsin Khan Abbasi. The gifts were given to make Anju, now known as Fatima, feel at home in Pakistan. A video of the CEO interacting with Anju and Nasrullah and making a statement about the gifts has gone viral, thanks to Pakistan-based journalists.

  • CEO Mohsin Khan Abbasi expressed immense happiness and said the gifts were a small gesture to appreciate Anju’s conversion to Islam and to welcome her.
  • Anju had traveled to Khyber Panktunkwa with Nasrullah on a sightseeing trip, which eventually led to their marriage.

Anju’s Husband in India Claims She is Still Married

Anju’s Indian husband Arvind Kumar stated that Anju cannot marry anyone else as she is still legally his wife. The couple got married in 2007 and has a daughter who reportedly denies accepting Anju as her mother. Arvind discovered Anju’s absence when she claimed to be visiting friends in Jaipur on July 20, only to later find out that she had crossed the border to Pakistan. The news of her marriage with Nasrullah surfaced along with their photos and videos. Arvind also mentioned that he had never received any divorce notice from Anju, despite her claims.

Anju Traveled to Pakistan with a Valid Visa

Anju arrived in Pakistan on July 22 through the Wagah border and was received by Nasrullah in Rawalpindi. She had a valid 30-day visa. Although Nasrullah initially claimed that Anju would return to India after her visa expired, they ended up getting married and Anju changed her name to Fatima. Anju’s father expressed his disapproval and stated that she should not be allowed to return to India.


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