Nuh Violence Escalates to Gurgaon: Haryana Govt Bolsters Forces; Internet Services Suspended – TOI Original

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Violence Clash Erupts in Haryana’s Nuh during VHP’s Shobha Yatra


A violence clash erupted between two communities in Haryana’s Nuh on July 31. The clash erupted during VHP’s Shobha Yatra. A home guard was shot dead and about a dozen policemen injured as a mob in Haryana’s Nuh district tried to stop the procession. They started pelting stones and set cars on fire, police said. Haryana home minister Anil Vij said, “Our priority is to restore peace in Nuh. We have directed the officials to send additional forces from the neighbouring districts.”

Details of the Clash

  • A violence clash occurred between two communities in Haryana’s Nuh district.
  • The clash happened during VHP’s Shobha Yatra.
  • A home guard was shot dead during the clash.
  • About a dozen policemen were injured in the violence.
  • The mob tried to stop the procession and pelted stones.
  • Cars were set on fire during the clash.
  • Haryana home minister, Anil Vij, expressed concern and stated that restoring peace in Nuh is the priority.
  • Additional forces from the neighbouring districts have been directed to assist in maintaining peace.

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The violence clash between two communities during VHP’s Shobha Yatra in Haryana’s Nuh has resulted in the death of a home guard and injuries to several policemen. The situation is under control now, and efforts are being made to restore peace in the area. Additional forces have been deployed to ensure the safety of the region. The incident is a reminder of the need for communal harmony and peaceful coexistence.


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