Rahul Gandhi’s Power-packed No-Confidence Speech: Congress MP Locks Horns with Nishikant Dubey LIVE

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Rahul Gandhi to Begin No-confidence Motion Debate

Rahul Gandhi will begin the no-confidence motion debate against the Narendra Modi government in the Lok Sabha on Tuesday after his return to Parliament a day before, following a nearly four-month absence. Gandhi’s MP status was reinstated on Monday after the Supreme Court stayed his conviction in the Modi surname case.


A Surat court in Gujarat sentenced the former Congress chief to a two-year jail term in the criminal defamation case in March, leading to his disqualification as a lawmaker. However, Gandhi’s conviction was suspended by the Supreme Court, allowing him to participate in the no-confidence motion debate. Other speakers from the Congress will include Gaurav Gogoi and Manish Tewari. The motion will run for three days, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi likely to respond on the final day.

No-confidence Motion

The motion was tabled against the government after the Opposition failed to receive PM Modi’s statement on the violence-hit Manipur, despite demanding it since the monsoon session began. While the motion is expected to fail in terms of numbers, the Opposition aims to gain public perception points by putting pressure on the government regarding the Manipur crisis.

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