Tragic Consequences: Karnataka Police Investigate Disturbing Viral Video’s Link to Two Student Suicides

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Following the incident, the parents of both the students lodged separate complaints with the police (Representative photo)


Two college students in Davanagere have tragically died by suicide after an alleged video of them being intimate went viral on social media, as reported by the police on Sunday.

Events Unfold

According to a police officer, a video of the intimate moments of the students on the terrace of the college was recorded and uploaded on social media on July 25.

After the video was shared on social media, the girl ended her life at her house on Friday morning. Heartbroken by the news of her death, the boy also died by suicide on Friday night, as confirmed by a police officer familiar with the matter.

Parents Demand Justice

Following the devastating incident, the parents of both students lodged separate complaints with the police, demanding accountability for the filming and dissemination of the video without their consent, according to an officer.

Investigation Underway

The Davanagere superintendent of police, K Arun, stated on Saturday that an investigation is currently underway to identify the individuals responsible for recording and sharing the video.

Similar Controversy

This tragedy comes shortly after a controversy erupted in Karnataka’s Udupi district. In that case, three students from a private paramedical college were suspended for allegedly filming another student in a college washroom.


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