Tragic Incident: RPF Constable Indicted for Hate Crime, Resulting in Officer and Three Muslim Passengers Fatally Injured on Running Train

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New Delhi: Railway Protection Force Jawan Shoots Dead Four People

New Delhi: A Railway Protection Force jawan on Monday (July 31) morning shot dead four people who were on a train near the Palghar railway station in Maharashtra. Among those killed was an assistant sub-inspector (ASI) and three passengers – all Muslim men with beards – across nine carriages.

Incident Details

  • Four casualties, including the ASI, have been reported in the shooting incident inside the Jaipur Express train (12956).
  • The accused RPF constable, identified as Chetan Singh, has been arrested.

Chronology of the Incident

  • Chetan Singh shot dead a senior officer, Tikaram Meena in coach B-5.
  • He then shot and killed a passenger, Abdul Kaderbhai Bhanpurwala, a passenger in the same coach.
  • Next, Singh killed Sadar Mohammed Hussain, a passenger in the pantry car, after walking through four coaches without using his weapon.
  • Finally, he shot his third victim, Asghar Abbas Shaikh in coach S-6 after walking through two other coaches.

Video of Chetan Singh’s Rant

A purported video of Chetan Singh speaking to passengers while standing over Asghar’s bloodied body went viral on social media. In the video, Singh can be heard making hate-filled remarks against Muslims.

Official Statements

The Hindustan Times reports that Singh mentioned Pakistan and criticized the media in his remarks.

An official from Western Railway confirmed that the shooting occurred after an argument between Singh and ASI Tika Ram.

Investigation Ongoing

The RPF is currently investigating the incident and questioning the accused and other passengers to determine the exact reason and sequence of events.

Ex Gratia Compensation

The RPF has announced that ex gratia compensation will be provided to the families of those killed.

Statement from Inspector General cum Principal Chief Security Commissioner

PC Sinha, Inspector General cum Principal Chief Security Commissioner, Western Railway, revealed that Chetan Singh is a short-tempered person suffering from mental health issues.


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