“ADHD Meds to Blame for Preteen’s Fatal Stabbing? Mom’s Shocking Confession Reveals Demonic Rage and Tragic Consequences”

# Heartbroken Mom Blames ADHD Medication for Daughter’s Fatal Stabbing of Brother

April Lyda, the mother of the Oklahoma girl who fatally stabbed her younger brother, Zander, in a “demonic” rage, has revealed that her daughter had become “angry for no reason” while taking ADHD medication. In an emotional interview on NewsNation, Lyda said that her daughter had a “manic episode” after being placed back on medication for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. She believes that the medication was the cause of her daughter’s violent outburst.

## Medication Issue Led to Tragedy

Lyda explained that her daughter had become irritable and angry for no reason after being placed back on ADHD medication. She had cut her arms within a month of being back on the medication, prompting her mother to take her off it immediately. Unfortunately, it was too late, and her daughter experienced a manic episode that led to the fatal stabbing of her brother.

## Close Siblings

Lyda described her children as being very close. They did yoga together almost every night, went on vacations and trips together, and always sat next to each other. Her daughter loved her brother, and he loved her.

## Daughter Heartbroken and Guilty

Lyda’s daughter has no memory of the incident and feels heartbroken and guilty about what happened. She has been working with a team of specialists for the last six months, and they believe that she did not intend to harm her brother. Lyda also believes that her daughter was not herself when the incident occurred.

## Missing Pieces of the Puzzle

Darcy Sterling, a licensed clinical social worker, believes that there are still pieces of the puzzle missing. She is skeptical that the medication was the only factor involved in the tragedy. Sterling said that she had never heard of a situation where a child just inadvertently does something like this with zero warning signs. She does not believe that the medication could have made the girl homicidal.

## Charges Unknown

Because of the girl’s age, the Tulsa District Attorney’s Office could not disclose any information about the case, including what charges she faces.

The tragic incident has highlighted the potential dangers of ADHD medication and the need for close monitoring of children who are taking it.

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