“Biden’s Brother Reveals President’s Support for Psychedelics as Promising Medical Treatment”

## President Joe Biden’s Youngest Brother Discusses Benefits of Psychedelics in Medical Treatment

### Frank Biden shares insights on President Biden’s open-mindedness towards psychedelics

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden’s youngest brother, Frank Biden, revealed in a recent radio interview that the president has been receptive to discussions about the potential benefits of psychedelics in medical treatment. Speaking on The Michael Smerconish Program on SiriusXM, Frank Biden expressed his belief that psychedelics could play a crucial role in addressing addiction and promoting unity among people.

#### A Progressive Perspective

– Frank Biden describes President Biden as “very open-minded” on the topic of psychedelics.
– He believes that the world, including the United States, is ready for a shift in consciousness to tackle addiction and foster unity.
– Frank Biden’s personal experience as a recovering alcoholic has fueled his interest in researching psychedelics.

#### Exploring the Potential

– Researchers suggest that psilocybin, the compound found in psychedelic mushrooms, can reorganize the brain and aid in overcoming conditions like depression, alcoholism, and PTSD.
– The FDA has approved a ketamine-related drug to treat hard-to-treat depression.
– However, medical experts emphasize the need for further research to determine the efficacy and risks associated with psychedelics, which can induce hallucinations.

#### Official Stance and Funding

– The American Psychiatric Association has not endorsed the use of psychedelics in treatment, awaiting the FDA’s final determination.
– The FDA has designated psilocybin and MDMA (ecstasy) as “breakthrough therapies” for serious conditions.
– The Biden administration has allocated funding for numerous projects studying psychedelic drugs’ potential benefits for mental and behavioral health.

#### Changing Legal Landscape

– Oregon became the first state to legalize the adult use of psilocybin, while Colorado decriminalized it.
– Republican strongholds like Utah and Missouri are considering commissioning studies on psychedelics, inspired by veterans’ positive experiences with psilocybin for PTSD.
– Former Texas Republican Gov. Rick Perry supports a bill to fund a psilocybin study for veterans in the Texas legislature, emphasizing its medical potential rather than recreational use.
– Bipartisan support for veteran-focused proposals has brought together progressive Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and far-right Republican Matt Gaetz in Congress.

While the potential benefits of psychedelics in medical treatment are gaining attention, further research and official endorsements are necessary to ensure their safe and effective use.

*Note: The White House did not provide a comment on Frank Biden’s remarks.*

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