“Blend with Caution: 5 Surprising Foods You Should Never Put in Your Blender!”

5 Foods You Should Avoid Putting in Your Blender

Cooking is an art form that requires precision and a perfect balance of flavors. While our creativity is at play in the kitchen, we cannot deny the importance of kitchen appliances and how they help us make the perfect dish. A blender is one such appliance that is quite commonly used in kitchens. It is quite easy to handle and helps carry out a number of tasks, such as making purees, smoothies, or pastes. However, there are certain foods you should avoid putting in your blender as they can end up ruining both the device and our food.

1. Potatoes
Potatoes can be enjoyed in a variety of different ways. For people who like them mashed, a blender seems like a convenient option, but it can actually make things worse. Potatoes already contain a lot of starch, and when they come in contact with the rapid movements of the blades, they can end up releasing even more starch. Basically, you’ll just end up with a mushy mess. So, avoid putting your potatoes in the blender now!

2. Frozen Foods
Putting frozen foods such as blueberries, strawberries, veggies, etc in your blender is not such a great idea. Their hard texture makes it difficult for the blades to break them down evenly. This means you’ll probably end up with chunks of these fruits and veggies in your food. It’s best to allow them to come to room temperature and then put them in the blender.

3. Anything Extra Hot
Another thing you must completely avoid putting in your blender is anything that is extra hot. For example, most people transfer hot purees or gravies to their blender to make them smoother. But this can end up creating excess steam and pressure in it, and it may also explode, making it quite dangerous.

4. Anything With Strong Odor
Strong-smelling foods are also a big no-no in a blender. Most of us put onions, garlic, or ginger in our blenders to make purees. However, they can end up leaving a strong odor in it which can be difficult to get rid of. This odor may also transfer to the taste of foods that you put in the blender after them.

5. Dough
Are you someone who uses a blender to mix the dough? If yes, you should stop doing so. It may help save you time and the mess that is created while kneading dough. But the truth is, using a blender for your dough won’t give you the best results. This is because blender blades are not effective enough to combine all the ingredients well.

In conclusion, while blenders are a great kitchen appliance, it’s important to use them correctly to avoid damaging both the device and our food. So, now that you’ve got this useful information, take the necessary steps and avoid putting certain foods in your blender.

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