“UK Official Urges Warning Labels on Protein Shakes as Teen’s Tragic Death Reveals Fatal Genetic Condition”

## The Importance of Protein Drinks for Fitness Enthusiasts

### Always Consult Your Trainer for Protein Intake Guidance

It is essential to consult with your trainer or nutritionist before incorporating protein drinks into your fitness routine. While protein is crucial for muscle growth and recovery, consuming excessive amounts can have adverse effects on your health. Some potential side effects of high protein intake include:

– Bowel movement irregularities
– Acne breakouts
– Nausea and increased thirst
– Bloating and reduced appetite
– Extreme fatigue and unexplained headaches

### Understanding Daily Protein Requirements

According to Ms. Upasana Sharma, Head Dietician at Max Hospital in Gurgaon, the daily protein requirement for men is 56 grams, while women need 46 grams. It is important to meet these recommended levels to support overall health and fitness goals.

### Finding Alternative Sources of Protein

Protein drinks are not the only way to meet your daily protein needs. Ms. Sharma suggests a few alternative sources that can help fulfill your protein intake:

– **Nuts**: Grab a good handful of nuts as a healthy snack option.
– **Milk**: Consume one or two glasses of milk, which are rich in protein.
– **Non-vegetarian options**: If you are a non-vegetarian, consider including 4-5 pieces of chicken in your diet to boost protein intake.

Remember, moderation is key when it comes to protein consumption. Always consult with your trainer or dietitian to determine the right amount of protein drinks and other protein-rich foods that suit your individual needs.

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