Bangladesh Captain Nigar Sultana Expresses Concern Over Harmanpreet Kaur’s Off-field Behavior

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India versus Bangladesh Women’s Series: Bangladesh Skipper Nigar Sultana Joty Opens Up

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Much has already been talked and written about the India versus Bangladesh women’s series, with Harmanpreet Kaur handed a two-match ban for her on and off-field conduct. Opening up on the bitterly contested series, Bangladesh skipper Nigar Sultana Joty said the umpiring issue was raised because India did not win.

Harmanpreet’s Conduct

  • Bangladesh skipper Nigar Sultana Joty believes Harmanpreet Kaur made a mistake in the heat of the moment.
  • Joty acknowledges that such incidents happen in sports, but was disappointed that it went beyond the field of play.
  • She emphasizes that Harmanpreet is a respected legend of the game, and her players were hurt by her actions.

Prize Distribution Ceremony

The footage of the prize distribution ceremony has gone viral, but little is known about what was actually said.

Respecting Each Other

  • Joty believes that off the field, players should have respect for each other regardless of what happened during the match.
  • She expected Harmanpreet and Smriti to appreciate her team’s performance and acknowledge them after the match.
  • Joty decided to walk away with her team to put an end to the unpleasant experience.

Poor Umpiring Allegations

Addressing the allegations of poor umpiring made by India, Joty points out:

  • The same umpires officiated in the T-20 series, which India won without any complaints.
  • She questions whether the issue was raised because India did not win the series and were disappointed with the result.
  • Joty emphasizes the importance of respecting the umpire’s decision as final and moving on as cricketers.

Hopes for the Future

Joty hopes that this series can open doors for her players to participate in international leagues like the WPL, BBL, or the Hundred. She believes that her players have the potential to make it big and hopes for better opportunities in the future.


The India versus Bangladesh women’s series has sparked controversy and discussions about sportsmanship and fair play. While Joty acknowledges Harmanpreet’s mistake in the heat of the moment, she emphasizes the importance of respecting opponents and maintaining mutual respect off the field.

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