Breaking News: Lionel Messi’s Barcelona Return Confirmed by Inter Miami Owner, Ruling Out Loan or Transfer

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Inter Miami owner, Jorge Mas, expressed his desire for Lionel Messi to return to FC Barcelona for a proper goodbye to the club’s fans. However, he denied rumors of a loan or transfer back to Barcelona.

Mas’ Statement

In a podcast interview with Taylor Twellman, Mas said, “I don’t know if it’s some type of friendly or farewell game. They have this Gamper Trophy they play for in the summer. But there will be something where, hopefully when the new Camp Nou is open, because their stadium there they will not be playing in for the next year and a half, hopefully, Lionel Messi can say his proper goodbye.”

No Loan or Transfer

Mas clarified that Messi’s return to Barcelona does not involve playing for the club on loan or through a transfer. He insisted that Messi deserves a proper farewell and stated, “I will do everything in my power in order to facilitate and help him do that.”

Missing Farewell Game

Messi did not have a farewell game after spending most of his life with Barcelona. Initially, there were expectations of a return, but the Argentine was eventually forced to leave the club and join Paris Saint-Germain during the summer.

Successful Reunion

Messi, Sergio Busquets, and Jordi Alba have reunited in Miami. The trio joined Inter Miami and, despite the team’s last-place position in their conference in MLS, they have already led a successful change. Miami won their first two matches in the Leagues Cup, an international cup competition, with Busquets and Messi starting (Alba is yet to fully join).


Lionel Messi’s return to Barcelona for a farewell game remains uncertain. However, Inter Miami’s owner, Jorge Mas, is determined to help facilitate a proper goodbye for the Argentine superstar.


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