IBSA World Games: Indian Men’s Blind Cricket Team Touches Down in London for an Exciting Journey

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Indian Men’s Blind Cricket Team Arrives in London for IBSA World Games 2023

London, Aug 15 (IANS): The Indian men’s blind cricket team has arrived here for the International Blind Sports Federation (IBSA) World Games 2023 which begins on August 18 in Birmingham.

Historic Moment for Indian Men’s Blind Cricket Team

Led by Ajay Kumar Reddy Illuri (B2 Category), the men’s team along with the officials touchdown on Monday.

Blind Cricket to Make Debut in IBSA World Games

The World Games 2023 in Birmingham are slated to be played from August 18 to August 27 with blind cricket set for debut in the megaevent.

Confident Indian Team Ready for the Tournament

Speaking after the arrival in London, Cricket Association for the Blind in India (CABI) Chairman Mahantesh G Kivadasannavar said, “The Indian Men’s Blind Cricket Team’s participation in the IBSA World Games 2023 is a historic moment for us. We are very confident about our team and we will give our best in the tournament.”

Collaborative Effort Leading to IBSA World Games

Adding to this sentiment, Shailender Yadav, General Secretary of CABI, expressed, “The journey to the IBSA World Games 2023 has been a collaborative effort of our athletes, coaches, and support staff. We are confident that our team will keep their best foot forward.”

Former Cricketer Mohammad Kaif Honors Blind Cricket

Last week, former Indian cricketer Mohammad Kaif spoke in length about blind cricket and how the athletes have inspired him and changed his perception of the game. “We as players are not able to play good cricket sometimes and these players are playing the sport and excelling in it despite being not able to see clearly. This is something we must applaud. I salute them and salute CABI and IBSA too. I am here to support them and I urge everyone to support them. Just wishing the Indian team all the best. My message for them is just go and enjoy the Games and I wish they win the tournament,” Kaif had said in a statement.

Indian Women’s Team to Arrive on Thursday

Moreover, the Indian Women’s Blind Cricket Team will arrive for the IBSA World Games 2023, in Birmingham on Thursday.

Exciting Matches Await for Indian Teams

The Indian men’s team will begin their journey with a thrilling match against Pakistan on August 20 while the Indian women’s team will take on Australia on the same day to kick off their campaign.

Indian Men’s Cricket Team Squad for IBSA World Games 2023

  • Basappa Waddagol – B1
  • Mohammed Jafar Iqbal – B1
  • Maharaja Sivasubramanian – B1
  • Omprakash Pal – B1
  • Nareshbhai Balubhai Tumda – B1
  • Nilesh Yadav – B1
  • Ajay Kumar Reddy Illuri – B2 (Captain)
  • Venkateswara Rao Dunna – B2 (Vice-captain)
  • Pankaj Bhue – B2
  • Rambir Singh – B2
  • Nakula Badanayak – B2
  • Irfan Diwan – B2
  • Prakasha Jayaramaiah – B3
  • Sunil Ramesh – B3
  • Deepak Malik – B3
  • Durga Rao Tompaki – B3
  • Dineshbhai Chamaydabhai Rathva – B3


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