India vs Pakistan World Cup Ticket Sales Begin from September: Grab your Seats Now!

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India vs Pakistan World Cup Match Ticket Sales | Cricket News

Exciting news for cricket enthusiasts! The much-awaited clash between India and Pakistan in the World Cup is just around the corner! Ticket sales for the match will commence from September. Don’t miss out on this thrilling encounter. Find out more details on Cricket News.

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India’s Opening Match Against Australia in Chennai

New Delhi, 12th July 2023

Ticket Sale Process to Be Phased

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has unveiled its plan for the sale of tickets for the highly anticipated ODI World Cup 2023, set to begin in Ahmedabad on October 5. However, fans eager to attend all matches will not have immediate access to tickets. The ticket sale process will be organized in a phased manner, with registration already open and the actual purchase of tickets commencing from August 25.

Tickets Available on Varying Dates

  • Tickets for warm-up matches and matches not involving India will be available from August 25.
  • Tickets for India matches in Guwahati and Trivandrum will be accessible from August 30.
  • Tickets for matches in Chennai, Delhi, and Pune will be purchasable starting from August 31.
  • Tickets for India matches in Dharamsala, Lucknow, and Mumbai will begin on September 1.
  • Tickets for Bengaluru and Kolkata matches will initiate sales on September 2.
  • Tickets for India matches in Ahmedabad, including the high-stakes India-Pakistan encounter on October 14, will be open for sale from September 3.

Semi-final and Final Tickets

Ticket sales for the semi-final and final matches of the tournament are set to commence from September 15.

Early Registration Advantage

Prior to the start of ticket sales, fans will have the opportunity to register their interest starting from August 15. By doing so, they will receive updates ahead of others, facilitating the reservation of their place at the World Cup. This initiative ensures that cricket enthusiasts can be part of the action and experience the thrill of witnessing a day of cricketing excellence firsthand.


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