Somali Runner’s Snail-Paced Race Sparks Nepotism Debate, Goes Viral – Vantage with Palki Sharma

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Somali Runner Goes Viral For Snail-Paced Race | Vantage with Palki Sharma

Somali Sports Official Suspended After Video Shows Athlete Finishing Last In 100-Metre Race

Somali athlete, Ahmed Hussein, recently gained unexpected attention on social media after a video of his snail-paced race in a 100-meter event went viral.

Somali ‘sprinter’ goes viral after poor finish

The poor performance by Ahmed Hussein has sparked a debate on whether he was given a fair chance to compete.

Pat McAfee loses his mind over Somalian sprinter’s viral 100m dash video – “Lost the race before it started”

Former NFL player and current media personality, Pat McAfee, expressed his surprise and amusement at the viral video of Ahmed Hussein’s slow race.

University World Games: Somali minister apologises after untrained ‘sprinter’ enters 100m race

The Sports Minister of Somalia, Malik Hassan, issued an apology after it was revealed that Ahmed Hussein was not a trained sprinter and had mistakenly been allowed to participate in the University World Games.

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