After a Challenging Period, Halo Infinite Makes an Exciting Comeback

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Halo Infinite: A New Playlist Brings Back Old Maps

The Long-Lost Halo Demo Comes To Life

Despite its successful launch, Halo Infinite started to feel stagnant due to a lack of new maps and a strange release. Many players, including myself, fell off the game after playing it on and off since November 2021. However, things took a turn in February of this year when 343 Industries enlisted the help of its community to introduce new maps in official playlists, making it easier for players to enjoy the game.

Introducing Squad Battle Playlist

Last month, 343 Industries introduced a new playlist called Squad Battle that brought back the classic Big Team Battle experience with maps from old Halo games. This playlist has reinvigorated the game and rekindled players’ interest.

  • Debuted in July 2023
  • Offers 8v8 matches combining Slayer and objective-based modes
  • All maps are from old Halo games
  • Includes fan-favorite map Valhalla

Rediscovering the Magic

When I first played a match on Valhalla, a legendary Halo 3 map, I was hit with a wave of nostalgia. The mix of the classic map layout and Halo Infinite’s solid gunplay made it the best Halo Infinite experience I’ve had so far.

Some memorable moments during the match:

  • Spamming grenades into the cave, just like in 2007
  • Jumping a Warthog through the gravity cannon
  • Picking off players with a sniper rifle, reminiscent of Halo 3

The Power of Nostalgia

Halo Infinite has always had great gameplay mechanics, but the addition of familiar maps like Valhalla and Exile reminds players of how good the game truly is. It strikes a chord with nostalgic fans and showcases the game’s potential.


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