Apple’s Latest Update Takes a Stand: Promising New Bug Fixes to Regulate Kids’ Screen Time

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Apple Promises New Bug Fixes to Kid Screen Time


Apple recently confirmed a major bug causing issues with its parental control feature, Screen Time. The bug has been identified on iPhones and iPads, affecting users around the world. Apple is aware of the problem and has promised to roll out a fix soon.

Sub-Heading 1: Apple Confirms Major Bug

According to reports from various sources, including 11Alive, News18, WION Fineprint, Jagran English, and more:

  • Apple has acknowledged the existence of a bug in its Screen Time feature on iPhones and iPads.
  • The bug affects the proper functioning of the parental control feature.
  • Users have been experiencing issues with setting screen time limits and managing app restrictions.
  • This bug has caused frustration among parents who rely on the Screen Time feature to monitor and limit their children’s device usage.

Sub-Heading 2: Apple Takes Action

As a response to the bug, Apple has taken the following steps:

  • Apple has promised to release a fix for the bug soon.
  • The company is actively working on resolving the issue to restore the proper functioning of the Screen Time feature.
  • Apple understands the importance of parental controls and wants to ensure a seamless experience for its users.


Apple’s acknowledgement of the Screen Time bug reassures users that the company is actively addressing the issue. Parents who rely on the feature to manage their children’s screen time can look forward to the upcoming bug fix.


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