Decoding Samsung’s Winning Strategy in India: Unveiling Key Insights from Inside the Playbook

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Vivo and Apple Challenge Samsung’s Supremacy

By: Rajiv Singh


Samsung has established itself as a leading brand in India, particularly in the smartphone market. In recent years, it has successfully outperformed competitors like Nokia, Micromax, and Xiaomi to capture the largest market share in the country.

Vivo and Apple’s Expansion Strategy

Despite Samsung’s dominance, competitors such as Vivo and Apple are making aggressive moves to improve their market presence in India. These companies seek to challenge Samsung’s supremacy by offering innovative products and expanding their reach in the Indian market.

Samsung’s Playbook for India

Rajiv Singh, in his cover story, delves deep into Samsung’s strategy for maintaining its stronghold in the Indian smartphone market.

Key Points

  • Samsung is a household name in India, known for its televisions, home appliances, and smartphones.
  • Over the past decade, Samsung has surpassed Nokia, Micromax, and Xiaomi to dominate the Indian smartphone market.
  • Vivo and Apple are actively expanding in India to challenge Samsung’s market share.
  • Rajiv Singh explores Samsung’s playbook for maintaining its leading position in India.


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