Discover the Power of AI: Man Seeks Assistance from ChatGPT to Craft a Heartfelt Apology Note for his Beloved Wife

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The man asked ChatGPT to write an apology note to his wife and shared the conversation on Reddit.


The emergence of artificial intelligence tool ChatGPT has helped get answers to complicated questions with great clarity. In yet another instance when the AI tool has helped a user get a definitive answer to a tricky question, a man asked ChatGPT to write an apology note to his wife and shared the conversation on Reddit.

Apology Note Request

  • “Apologize to my wife because I went out with the boys without telling her,” the man wrote.

ChatGPT’s Response

After initially refusing to apologize on the man’s behalf, the AI tool replied with the apology note:

“Sweetheart, I’m sorry for not telling you that I was going out with the boys. I should have communicated with you before making any plans. I understand that it must have made you feel neglected and disrespected, and for that, I apologize. I promise to be more considerate of your feelings and to communicate better in the future. Please forgive me,” the tool wrote.

No Response Situation

  • Later, the man asked the tool for an answer if she did not give a reply back to him.
  • “Short text to wife if she does not respond,” he wrote.
  • “Hey, just wanted to check in and see how you’re doing. Let me know if you need anything or if there’s anything I can do to help. Love you,” the tool replied.

Reactions on Reddit

The Reddit post generated many responses, some of which were critical of the man for using technology to write the apology:

  • “If I was married and I found out my wife used a soulless, unfeeling chatbot to apologize for something, I’d be pissed. I wouldn’t want something to defuse my rage, I’d want an honest apology,” one user wrote.
  • “You should ask ChatGPT for a spine,” another user wrote.


Artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT continue to provide interesting and sometimes controversial solutions to everyday problems. Whether one agrees with the use of technology in personal matters or not, it is clear that AI is becoming increasingly integrated into our lives.


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